We say, “I love you!” but can we say, “I trust you!”?”…

We say, “I love God!” but can we say, “I trust God!”?”…

Many say that they “trust God”, but who is really in the driver seat of their lives?Matthew 7:7-12So many Christian love this passage!(And then there is I Chronicles 4:9-10!)

I think so many Christians read this passage as the Messiah wants us keep praying like a battering ram until we bust through to our “blessings”….but I believe the Messiah purposefully choose the analogy of a parent to a childbecause it’s not as simple as

  • want
  • pray
  • receive

He knows that what children want for themselves is not always good.

Compared to God, even the wisest of the wise has an intellect and an understanding infinitely less than that of a human child compared to a human parent…A loving parent does give to his child, but that parent gives his child only what he believes is good for his child.

The Shiny Marble

When an infant sees a shiny marble as desire rises inside her she reaches for it. The caring watchful parent pulls the marble away, but it’s already too late!The infant wants it. She NEEDS it! So she reaches towards it and after realizing that her parent will not give it too her. Her eyes squeeze shut, a frown forms and sonata of wails start…But even after such a serenade, the loving parent stands unconvinced. The parent doesn’t give the baby what she wants; because it’s not good.

Learning To Ride

A boy looks at his mother and says determinedly, “No. I won’t do it again.” His mother picks him up, dusts the dirt off his pants and says, “Honey, you must.”

The boy looks up at her, still smarting from the last fall, so upset at falling and falling, that he is fighting back the tears.

“Mommy please!” he pleads.

He can’t understand. He feels that his mother cares for him, he had been sure that she even adored him. So why does she insists that he do something that frustrates him and causes him pain?!?!

His mom looks at him as she sees that 6 months from now, her son’s laughter as his whizzes past. A year or two later, he’ll ride to the local pond. Race his friends around the neighborhood, enjoy the ride as he heads to school… so many good times and good memories after this short period of pain…

… Do we really trust? Do we really love God?

Recently, I was convicted that I have been upset with God. I blamed God because He had not given me a “good thing” I wanted. Heck, I previously walked away from God for 10 years, because I was upset that God didn’t give me the “good thing” I wanted so much…

Some who read this might be patting themselves on the back now. They say, “I trust God! I would never walk away! I will always follow Him!”

⁃ To those I would say, it good to see that your faith surpasses Peter and is on par with Job 😏

My point… is that although we human beings constantly evaluate ourselves, our evaluations are relative as opposed to absolute… and we are often quite “gracious” towards ourselves…

I would argue – it’s easy to “trust” God; to say He knows best – when there is little fear or little pain or little sense of potential loss.

Peter denied the Messiah, when he was afraid that he might be assaulted or even killed.

Job, although he was righteous claimed that God unfairly afflicted him.

We all have limits until we become a wailing baby or despondent little boy…

But God is good anyways. He is that patient parent, who will do what is necessary to ensure that we get the Best, ensure that we grow.

Job after all his excruciating suffering, which led to him complaining about the unfairness of God, was taught by God Himself that God is indeed righteous and the standard of right and wrong. Job’s trust in God become even stronger than his almost absolute devotion prior to God’s trial.

Peter, after his vehement denial of the Messiah, grew to a new level of trust in the Messiah and went on the be a foundation “rock” that Christ built.

We need to be careful

Before we count ourselves as completely devoted followers of the Messiah, we need to be humble and consider that we might be not be as devout as we like to think… (I Peter 5:1-9) It is easy for us to fool ourselves. (Romans 7: 13- 25; Jeremiah 17:9)

The apostle Paul understood that Trust is a journey (not a destination) (Philippians 3:12 – 21).

In conclusion, God is our loving Parent who is constantly trying to help us get to the next level. Sometimes trusting God is easy, but often times it’s not. Sometimes we have to endure pain that seems a kin to Job’s.

But in all cases we have to “stop being babies”, but be mature and follow His direction, even when it is against our wishes and even though we are afraid!