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I don’t believe in a SOULMATE, just like I don’t believe in GOD. The problem with both concepts is that BOTH depend on

Just Believing

How can I believe in a God who can’t stand up to the (miniscule) onslaught of me. Most people’s God(s) are weak.

Just Believe!!!

We live on a planet, one of eight in our solar system. In order of size we are about in the middle. Although we are in the middle size wise we are quite smaller than the largest planet. Over 1000 Earths can fit inside of Jupiter. Now if you compare the size of the Earth to the Sun… over a million Earths could fit in the Sun. In fact the Sun contains 99.98% of ALL the mass in our Solar System!

(Now, I could continue with the fact that the Sun is one of hundred of billions of stars in our Milky Way galaxy, which is one of trillions of known galaxies in the universe…)


If God can make all of that… He can’t stand up to the logical scrutiny of a being that is infinitesimally smaller than an atom is to us!?!?

Just Believe!!!

Why should I believe is such a god?!?!

The God I believe in can create the Universe. Something that is infinitely BEYOND my comprehension. The byGod I believe in bridges the gap between what I can comprehend and what I can observe with is unexplainable, yet it or must have been.

(For example, “Where did all the matter from the “Big Bang” come from?” – Genius Atheist conclusively explain that! Then you can conclusively say that “God does not exist”…)

Religion – yes, this is up for debate. The character of God – yes, this is up for debate. But until we can answer the question of how “something came from ‘nothing’,” we cannot deny the existence of God. (And personally, I’ve seen and experience things beyond my ability to explain…)

Soulmate… this article is about a soulmate! Not God!!!

I know. I haven’t gone off track. The word “soulmate” is derived from the concept of a “soul”. A soul is a spiritual concept. Therefore it is related to things “spiritual”… it is related to God.

If you don’t believe in (a type of) God, then you can’t believe in a “soulmate”. How could “evolution” (random chance) create two people who “just happen” to be compatible in mind, body, and… ‘soul’…

Believe in a “soulmate” necessitates belief in a “Cosmic Order” or even a “Cosmic Orchestration” of creation of two people in the correct time period (similar age) and under the correct circumstances (being able to actually meet amongst the 7 billion people who occupy this Earth…)

Just Believe!!!


I can believe in God because I see EVIDENCE that indicates His existence…

Is their the similar “evidence” that indicates that “Soulmates” exist?

Just Believe!!!

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No! I can’t believe without EVIDENCE! When I look out into the world, I see this…

1. Many people BELIEVE in Soulmates

2. Many people end up with broken relationships

Assuming that there is quite a bit of overlap in these group… there seems to be a problem. If a “soulmate” is ONE person who you are “meant to be with…” because you are “halves of a greater whole”, then what is the problem.

People “fall in love” and I assume that when they do, most believe that they have met their “perfect” match… their “soulmate”. They should FEEL a “natural” compatibility, correct?

(You can claim that “it’s impossible to know the motivation of people to be in relationships… but this type of logic has a “slippery slope…” If I can’t understand other people’s motivation, then I can’t understand other people. If I can’t understand other people, then I can’t reasonably predict their behavior. If I can’t reasonably predict their behavior, I can’t trust other people. So unless a person is paranoid of most people around them, we make assumptions about others and their motivations… but go ahead, give a “convenient excuse” not to question the validity of your beliefs… Just Believe!!!)

Assuming that you agree with the train of my logic, then question is:

“Why do so many relationships between ‘soulmates’ end up with breakups?”

You can say…

– “Well, he / she changed.”

– “She/He turned out to be a different person then I thought.”

– “Well, I made a mistake. He/She is not my soulmate; someone else is.”

When a person makes a questionable or bad decision and then gives “justifications” for that bad decision then this is really just – denial. (Just Believe!!!)

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Now, I am NOT saying that “Soulmates” do not exist, contrary to the title of this writing. I believe that… in a sense… they do! But finding a “soulmate” requires communication BETWEEN Souls… Such type of communication, I believe requires openness, and openness requires trust, very deep trust.

Most of us have a limited ability to trust people who we just meet. Some of us have more of an ability (willingness) and some have less.

Deep trust requires time, observation, etc.

(I could segue into the “mistakes” that people make in forming relationships, but I won’t. I believe I have discussed this topic at least once before 😉

But briefly…one of the biggest ones is the “me” focus (”How do I feel?”) as opposed to observing how a person interacts with others, who are NOT ME! A person can easily “play a role” for one person, especially when he or she knows that they person is watching, but it much harder to “play a role for everyone…”. A “kind” person is genuinely kind to Everyone… not just people from whom he or she can receive something from…)

Anyways… I don’t really want to talk about what the relationship between “soulmates” looks like. I honestly think that most people don’t truly care to listen. Many people want it easy. They want Great Rewards in life, with minimal effort…

It is so much easier to…

Just Believe!!!

than to open your eyes and observe the world and see the evidence of the things all around you. Order and structure in the Universe tells me that God exists… not religious zealous who simply have “strong feelings” that counter almost all the evidence that I can discern…

Honestly, I Don’t Care, whether or not SOULMATES exist or not… what I DO care about is finding someone who I trust enough to Commit to Spend A Lifetime with…

And every major decision that I’ve made in my life has stood on the “strength” of my adherence to my commitment… not on my initial (strong) feelings. Not Just on Belief!!!