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I think what I like most about the film is that almost all the characters although accomplished in some way, they are each flawed. I also love how it sarcastically criticizes the common notions of “True Love.”
The main character is Jacks. She is bold and confident. She is always willing to help her friends, even somewhat “forcefully” if need be. But he Achilles heel is that she quickly decides “how things are” in new situations and refuses to consider other possibilities. (that she might be wrong in her first impressions…) She also avoids making difficult decisions in her relationship life.
Tallulah is one of the supporting characters. She is also bold. She is from a wealthy family. She is melodramatic and can be quite superficial. She says EXACTLY what she thinks.

I think that it’s the mixture of her boldness, yet naive view of the world that makes her a more endearing character.
Peter Simon is another of the supporting characters and is Jacks’s flatmate. He is loyal, intelligent and very creative. Unfortunately, when faced with potentially stressful situations he lets his imagination run wild almost always imagining a failure. He also is looking for the perfect man, unrealistically perfect. (Yes, he is homosexual).
Paolo, who is the main love interest, is “adorable”. He is talented (he excels in photography and is an excellent dancer). He is mild mannered and is type of guy everyone likes. If he has a weakness, it is that sometimes he doesn’t seem assertive enough.


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What I like about the film, is that the characters are real (more real than many characters in other RomComs).

Although, most are intelligent and attractive, they are flawed.
I also like how the “rules” of meeting your “true love” are broken, yet true love is found.
The greatest part for me, was when Jacks makes her conclusion about love.

Jacks:  ‘Stop living your life like your in some kind of movie. Stop trying to cast your love, instead of just meeting him.’
Peter: “When I’ll meet him, I’ll know.’
Jacks:  ‘I’m not so sure. Love isn’t always a lightning bolt, you know. Maybe sometimes it just a choice.”

…’I don’t know if (he) is the love of my life, but I decided to give him the chance to be.

‘Maybe true love is a decision, you know, a decision to take a chance with somebody. To give to somebody, without worrying if they will give anything back, or if they are going to hurt you, or if they really are The One.

‘Maybe love isn’t something that happens to you. Maybe it’s something you have to choose.’

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Although, this is one of my favorite films as well as my favorite romantic comedy. I can’t say that the film is without flaws. In a critique of the film’s structural elements. I think that certain characters, such as Tallulah need more character development. There are hints that she does well by her friends, but I would like to see more of this side of her.

I also feel that more should have been done with James. He is the main opposition character, but I feel that the film makes him a bit too much of a “bad guy” James is a good guy, who is dealing with a “girlfriend” who he can feel on some level doesn’t love him, yet he is in love with her.

(Peter tells Jacks, but this is where I believe it would have been better to follow the filming rule of “it’s better to show it, don’t tell it.”)
Jacks is really the “bad guy” between her relationship with James. She doesn’t want to “break his heart”, but in reality she is too scared to make a clean break from a “good man” or simply afraid of confrontation. (She has been trying to break up with him for six months…)
Of course, in the end, she hurts him much worse than if she hadn’t tried to “save his feelings.”
(James and Tallulah discuss how James is portrayed as the “villain” at the very end of the film)

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In the end, I think I find the film very relatable. I have friends, who are unique, confident in themselves and who they are, intelligent, and talented. Each, of course, have their quirks, but I love them because I know that they are great human beings!
Additionally, I like the final ideas. That love requires the courage to make a choice and take a chance; it doesn’t “just happen” to you.

And as Jacks explains, the film’s view of why people don’t want to see the reality about love:

The truth is way too complicated, unsatisfying and hard to believe…

In general, I think too many people miss out on great experiences, because we are waiting for a “sign in the heavens,” instead of just trying and seeing what happens!
And people don’t want to face the fact that there are no “right” answers; all any of us can do is to try our best and hope for the best!