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LOVE!!! Oh My Goodness!!!

I’m in LOVE!!!

I’ve final found that PERFECT PERSON!!!  😀 😀 😀

The ONE who is MORE than I EVER DREAM!!!!



Isn’t THIS what we all are supposed to aspire to have!?  Isn’t THIS the embodiment of all our ‘TRUE LOVE’!?… Something that will open up whole new shades of color in a markedly drably colored ho hum existence…

Isn’t THIS what so many Songs Sing ABOUT!!!


OH The “Love” We All… secretly yearn for… But PERSONALLY my ❤ craves something besides… THIS!

My , I know is “unenlightened” seen through a “MODERN” view, must be truly ignorant of what true HAPPINESS is!!!  Oh the laminations those MODERN acolytes should be made for my‘s  myopic understanding of LOVE!!!…



I don’t want someone whom is …
more than I’ve ever DREAMED!!!

On the contrary, I want someone whom…
I want to do as much as I can to make THAT PERSON feel special, cared about… dare I say… loved.

From my point of view, I understand MODERN Love to be…
All About ME!!!”