Listlessly he looks out the window, there is hint of revulsion creeping threateningly from what was feels like a hollow in the pit of stomach…Then… he experiences a flash of a scene which was previously archived deep within his memory…

He sees a young man, eyes bright illuminated by of perception of limitless possibility. The world was his oyster, he could do anything he wanted, he could be ANYTHING! He was unstoppable… indestructible… a superman incarnate!

But the years… the years seeping in like a slowly poisoning kryptonite… slowly sapping the vigor of youth

Draining the burning energy the once brimmed from his eyes… replacing it was cold almost lifeless stones…
Is it truly gone?… has the fire that once fueled an optimism that vanquish the darkest clouds of swarming doubt. How could it be… snuffed out of existence.

Why? why? WHY?!?!

Has his strength, his hope been so ruthlessly stripped from him. Why has his traded the confidence of a hero for an expressionless mask?

When he thinks such thoughts, though revulsion starts seep from the beyond the barely perceptible towards his perception’s very center.
Turn Away Now! Run!!! DO – NOT – FEEL!!!

And the numbness that his life has become quickly offers a solace against the swirl torrents of despair….

Again he enters a translate state… a life of in which daily routine continues it drone as consistently season after season, supplanting what vivid saturated vision of life he once thought was an inevitable future.
Numbness is his armor, shielding him from the deepest depths of depression, while costing him mobility needed to walk the path of greatest joy…