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BIG FISH In A little pond… 

This saying,  to me, has in the past been about a person, who believes he is important because his world is small. And due to his limited perspective he has an overly inflated view of himself.


small fish In A BIG POND (or OCEAN)

It may seem to some that being satuated or even supersaturated with opportunities and possibilities is quite plainly – heaven!

But when your a “small fish“ your biggest movements have such a minimal influence on milieu that you end up doubting your efficacy.


Medium Fish In AMedium Pond

Each of the situations above have advantages and disadvantages:

    • The BIG FISH rules,  but has limited exposure and experience…
    • The small fish has huge exposure and experience,  but small influence…


But,  in my experience,  the Medium Fish enjoys both the ability to minorly, but measurably affect his environment,  while the environment provides moderate level of exposure to new things as well as novel experience, albeit maybe only once in a while.


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In June,  over the course of two trips, I will have spent 8 days here…

And in that short period of time,  opportunities for deep significant connection with people in the community have come my way at 10 times!  Some have happened simply as a result of learning how to connect to a new community,  from my experience of living in 14 different places…

But oddly enough,  twice already an instinctual decision (extemporaneous enough to call a “whim”)  has led me to fastidious soil of social integration.

It’s as if my innate self is somehow in tune with the rhythms of this city…

It’s still too early to be certain, but this place might have an atmosphere in which I will flourish and be free enough to actively be more of my trueself then I’ve been for a while…

What such a place will mean for me and the future course of my life,  “only time will tell!”


P. S.

For thoses who love Moscow, I don’t mean to say that there is anything” wrong” with this city and it’s atmosphere. It’s just that the benefits that Moscow life prove, have not been able to meet my needs. For some people, some environments are much better suited for their well-being than others.