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Currently, I’m flying to Kazan. I’m embarking on a trip that might become the first part of the preparation stage of the next big chapter in my life. 

In the past few months, I’ve had a few significant events and have been given an opportunity to alter my style of living.


Significant Event # 1

I had a girlfriend; now it’s over. During and as a result of this short lived relationship, I have come to understand that unfortunately a “significant other” might actually be someone detracts more from your way of living than someone who enhances it.

I fully realize and expect that I must change my lifestyle, at least somewhat to accommodate someone else (and in principle at least, I welcome an influence that pushes me not to be so self-centered…), but… 

when one values his closest friends over his significant, it might be an indication that something’s wrong. 


Significant Event # 2

I got a new job! 

Work is work and I think that “work – nirvana” doesn’t exist.

That being said, though the work is hard, requiring lots of energy, patience, and long periods of focused attention;

it’s also challenging, allows me to develop new skills, and I believe that it has the potential to add a real benefit to the world! 

It also has been providing me with the economic means to do more things and have more of the things I want in this life… 


Drummer’s beat

It very well might let me live in a situation in which I can “have my cake and eat it too!”

So today marks the day, when “test the waters” of yet another sea, hoping that they’ll be ripen into another unique yet juicy bounty of enriching experiences. 


Ironically… whenever one starts down a life-changing path, there is always apprehension about taking the first steps… from the known to the unknown.