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Does True Love Even Exist?

I don’t know if I believe in “True Love” anymore.  (Well at least at this moment… which can always be said about any post – people should have the freedom to change their beliefs…)

When I was growing up, I believed the myth that if you were a “good person,” a good soul, you would be desirable.  I used to believe that people looked at the inside of others and from there determined desirability.

Now, I believe a vastly different story.  Love is a selfish thing, at least the modern version.

I’ve always dreamed of a girl, who I admired, who inspired me, who when I juxtaposed her next to myself, I saw someone who challenged me to be a better person, a strong person… (like my mother- she fought through very difficult circumstances to become successful and dedicated her life to helping others.).

But instead I see a world were people like for “Trophy People.”  They want men and women they can triumphantly hold up and say to the world…

Hey world, look who I got!

Image          Image

The man or woman becomes a Measure of Value of the person seeking him or her…

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Why Is It So Damn Hard To Find Mr./Mrs. Right?!?!

I argue that maybe the fault is how we look.  We are not searching for something that is relatively constant,

  • A (another) Person’s character

Instead we insist on searching based on something relatively capricious (yet at times immensely overwhelming)

  • Our Feelings

I don’t mean to be arrogance, but I can say that I know that their are girls, who “want” me… even at this moment… but they don’t want

  • ME – the complex person, composed of motivation, emotions, limitations, ideas, hopes and dreams…

No, they want some

  • Image – The person, who they image me to be

And it’s is this image that they dream of holding triumphantly over their heads… and not me.