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This post is connected to the events of True Love – True Friendship series (Part I, Part II, Part III).

The Pit Of Despair… 

Today is the fourth day after the events described in the above post. This morning when I woke up, I was in the midst of a listlessness.  As I lay in the dark, my right eye itched like crazy. Any source of light, the light from my phone, the light that bleed through my curtains, translated into instant pain.  My closed eyelid was still And I felt so tired. Part of me just wanted to sleep some more… the other part of me thought that I needed to use my eye or it might start to atrophy… and that I should go back to the clinic as the ophthalmologist had told me that I should do if I still didn’t feel better by today.

After lying in bed for about a half an hour, I finally mustered the willpower to go to the bathroom and put the prescribed eye drops in my eye. I hoped that it would alleviate some of the pain and itching.

After I put the drops in my eye I returned to bed.  It didn’t seem to help much. So I propped myself up against the wall while sitting on my bed and just waited and thought about what I should do.

Again I thought about just falling a sleep, but at the same time wasn’t quite sure that was wise.

About another half an hour or so later, I decided to get up, get washed, eat something and go to the clinic.

The Ascent

About an hour and a half later, I was at the clinic. Once at the clinic, I had  to wait to see the ophthalmologist, of course, so I started writing this post.

She checked my eye and after her initial exam, she took me upstairs for another ultrasound. We found out that my sclera was swollen, and so she decided that I should do some therapeutic sessions – I would spend 10 minutes or so with a effervescent to which purpose I assume was to open up the nasolacrimal duct (the canal that connects the nasal canal and the tear duct in the eye) and then some sort of magnetic pulsating machine which purpose I assume was to reduce the swelling itself.

I also got prescribed more meds.

After my time in the clinic, I went to the pharmacy to buy the new eye drops, I was prescribed.

I was feeling better so I decided that I wanted to do something “normal” and something I enjoy. So I went to the Artefaq Cafe for a business lunch. By that time, I don’t think my eye looked too bad, so I don’t think people there were too freaked out the appearance of my face.

It will be interesting to see how my young student will react, when I teach her later today.

More Optimistic

I took a nap today, and to my surprise light didn’t hurt when I looked at it.  Also, finally the other ailments that I have been dealing with, but have as of yet not talked about, a cold, finally seems to have run it’s course.  As of yet, I still haven’t regain the level of vision that I had before the injury, but at least I’m not feeling a physically bad as before.  I’m starting to believe that one way or another, I’ll make it through to the other side of this…


I think there will be some who I counted as “dear” friends, who will no longer be quite as dear after this.