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PART I:  The Volunteer – My Profile

On One Hand

I was born with certain advantages…

I am lucky. I was born into a good family in which my personality was nurtured and able to develop. I also was born American,  so I happen to speak the world’s most sought after language.

 So like being born with great beauty or exceeding skill in areas such athletics, scientific aptitude, or a musical talent, it was an “accident” – no value given or praise “deserved” since these attributes are entirely NOT the result of effort of the individual…

 (Yet… foolishly society coaxes us to do so…)

But I will try to use my “accidents” to gain advantage…

On The Other Hand

I’ve taken on the Responsibility to share my “good fortune” with others.

I’ve always tried to help out my friends and family. I’ve often assisted others in (perceived) need. I’ve been willing not only to share my knowledge… but my insights and know how as well.

I’ve also have long felt (maybe as a result of my upbringing), that I should help those, who have not had the opportunities that I have had.  So for decades, I’ve been involved in volunteerism; from blood donations, to teaching students academic subject, to visiting orphanages and retirement homes…

I really do enjoy helping others.

BUT I’m Not A Saint

I won’t sacrifice everything to help everybody.

In my case, I am a freelance teacher of English working in Moscow, Russia.  The money that I earn each month is greater than the average salary of Muscuvites.  Additionally, I have chosen to charge more per lesson than many other English teacher, because I know that there are people willing to pay such prices.  It doesn’t appeal to me to work longer (work harder) to gain the same amount of money even if it’s more fair.

My Salary Is Not Charity… It For The Gain Of Myself And My (Future) Family

AND Yet…

I understand clearly that the “Road To Happiness,” requires people not to think only about themselves and their own gain, but how to spread goodness to others.  Too much of anything will destroy you.  If you focus too much on your own gain, greed will grow inside you and consume you.  Happiness requires reaching a condition in which one is satisfied with ones life and ones possessions.  Giving to others, helps offset greediness.

Besides the fact that I enjoy giving.  I realize that it is REQUIRED in order to be happy!

THESE Are The Reasons I Do Charity.