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PART III:  The Good Samaritan… 

A friend in need is a friend indeed

What Makes For A “True Friend.”

I believe that a “true friend,” is someone who helps you when you have a problem, especially when it’s an inconvenience to that friend.

And at least in my experience true friendships are indeed very rare…

I have many “friends.”  If you go in Facebook, you will see that I have over eleven hundred “friends.”  Even if you were to go into Moscow and ask around to see, who knows C.J. there is at least a hundred or so, who will say “Yea, I know him!” and then say something positive about me…

But I wonder how many of those people…

  • Would give me money, if for some reason I didn’t have enough to pay my rent one month…
  • Would be available at 2am on a worknight to listen and console me, if I had a problem that was eatting me up inside..
  • Would take me to a clinic if I was injuried and seriously require hours of assistance…

And in reality, I suspect many more would state that they would do so, than would actually do it if the time came… (Beside my own experience, various sociological and psychological research back up what I just stated.)

So what am I to think, when two people who were strangers the day before Sunday, December 8th, 2013, take me not only to two emergency clincs, but also pay and help me find medications that I need.  This after a full day at an orphanage, and a 3 hour drive to Moscow, both of them having to work on Monday…

The Good Samaritans


These are pictures of my right eye taken after I got home on Sunday evening.  If you are interested in what happen please see (True Love – True Friendship: Part II).  That afternoon and evening was easily one of the most terrifying experiences in my life.

My Feelings/Thoughts About The Event
There are many things in life that you cannot really understand unless you experience it.  Losing one’s eyesight is such an experience.  It is hard to understand how much one’s world is altered by not being able to see, even if it’s only blindness in one eye.

I had thoughts about never being able to play sports again.  I was afraid that maybe I would have no choice but to quit my current job as an English teacher and have to return to America.  I might not be able to ever drive again (which is essential in America… the infrastructure of the vast majority of the USA REQUIRES use of a car in order to have a good job).  I thought to myself, no girl would want me as “damaged goods.”  “Who would want a less than ‘whole” man?'”

These were only some of the thoughts going through my head.  Luckily, for some reason, I always have this deep wellspring of hope that dwells inside of me, that says, “I can deal with any problem that arises… a solution will be found!”
And yet no one looks forward to the prospect of having to change his whole way of living, especially against his choice.

The CHOICE To Help

Misha and Tanya graciously decided to help me in with this situation.  I don’t know what motivated them to help.  I like to think there was a sense of empathy they had towards my situation.  (Tanya told me that she had once broken her leg while playing with orphans during an orphanage visit.)  I don’t know if they could completely understand how I was feeling.  (Which might have been partially my fault – I was trying to find a balance to express that I was seriously concerned, while not trying to use my situation to hog all of everyone else’s attention… I don’t believe in (fundamentally at least) being the one who demands attention from others…)

Anyways, they helped me.  As I said before, they transported me to one emergency clinic and then when they were told that I needed to go to another clinic they took me there.  They paid for the treatment I received.  And they helped me find the medications I needed in the Pharmacy.

In short, this couple were really friends for me in my time of need.  Maybe I could have got the help I needed by myself; I don’t know.  But it was extremely comforting for me that I didn’t have to!

Everybody Needs A Helping Hand Sometimes

I consider myself a “tough” person… I would much rather others lean on my shoulders than to lean on the shoulders of others.

But I also realize that in life, none of us can go it alone.  Everyone needs help some times.

But back to the orginal idea… as I understand that two people who I only met at the beginning of the day turned out to be “true friends,” I wonder how many of my “friends” are actually “true friends.”

In general, people love to be friends with you, when they understand they you can benefit them (with humor, positive feelings, entertainment, etc…)

But what happens when the tables are turned and now they need to provide you with some benefits… will their bond of friendship be proven strong and enduring (like steel) or will it break like at thread (or tinfoil)?

Anyways, in my book Misha and Tanya will always be the dearest of friends to me!