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Stop Calling Marriage A Luxury Good

All this information is interesting, but what I would like to highlight is the section that talks about how if couple marriage young, they are more likely to divorce (and divorce more often).

Right now, I’m living in a culture, Russian culture, in which an immense amount of pressure is put on people to marry young.  I think that marriage young is just not a wise choice for most people.
Most of us until we are in our early to mid-twenties don’t really know who we are.  How can we be ready to commit to live with someone else?
Additionally, most of us until our mid-twenties, do have experience making decision for ourselves.

I think two people need to have a strong sense of self, before they can commit to marriage.

(Ethnically, I’m “black”, so I’m more likely to divorce statically… if I get married… 😉 )