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We have been misled.  A soul connection is NOT that “spark” of feeling that you feel… the fire the shoots up from your heart and seems to explode out into the world around you.

That is just Sodium contacting Water.  A violent reaction, which produces a bright flash and great heat, but ends up as something… common like salt…


“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players…”

Each of us are actors.  We assume different roles through different times of our lives, throughout different times of our day.  We are different “people” depending on our situation.

When John meets Jane, who John sees Jane as depends on who Jane believes she needs to be.  Jane could be the kind and fateful daughter, the haughty girl, who never bothers to even glance at passerby.  She maybe the lazy student or the industrious manager.  She maybe be the compassionate volunteer or the eager gossip.


Yet we believe that somehow one human soul can reach through the layers of roles we play and then through the layers of another and intuitively and accurately assess the “real” person inside…

Is it at all possible that the soul is mistakenly contacted a role and thought it a kindren soul?


I believe that true “soulmate” share a deep connection, a Deep Magic, because they share the same Deep Values.

When someone has the same deep values as another, it’s easy to understand the other.  It’s even possible to communicate without words.
Two hardworkers – don’t need to explain to each other, “I need to work.”  They intuitively understand each other.

Two charitable people – don’t need to explain to a desire to give money to a person or wanting to volunteer on the weekends. They intuitively understand each other.



Somewhere along the way, fact was supplanted by fiction…  real magic was superceded illusion…

People believed that the best dancing pairs are those who meet and spontaneously could dance well.  These partners, of course are destined for greatness!

Although, ironically those performances best remembered are by dances that have spent hours together learning, studying and growing together.

(Who knew!?!?)