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Human beings are both rational and instinctual…


On many levels, I find the concept of this book appalling and reprehensible.  I HATE the idea of treating a girl (or any human) like a piece of meat!



  1. There is some “truth” in everything.
  2. I’ve tried the “analytical” path – the path of understanding.
  3. Humans, as much as we feign otherwise, are still “creatures of instincts.”

Up until now, I’ve acted on the premise that some (many) ladies can and do make romantic decisions and decide romantic partners, but considering long-term viability of relationships.  My experience has taught me, this is rarely the case.

Most girls seem to be more interested in the initial “romantic” rush of feelings, than considering future outcomes.


  • I consider myself a good man, (although not perfect) – caring, thoughtful, considerate… although not especially charming…
  • Often those who are charming and of less considerate character go much further than me.
  • With the amount of women, who quickly dismiss me… I believe it’s the lack of charm part that is the deciding factor.  Which is something that I personally find, quite shallow – sacrificing tomorrow for short-term pleasure.)


ULTIMATELY… I am reading this book, because I am dedicated to “True Love, Not Lies…” and not political correctness.  If I am to offer people advice, I must be willing to look at people as they are and not as I wish them to be.  

(I wish people to be considerate and thoughtful in their romantic choices, because I think that only in this way can more relationships be happy…  Personally, I know the difference between the girl, who I want to “sleep” with for the emotional rush and a girl, who I hope to spend a lifetime with… Unfortunately, I think many girls don’t know the difference…)

It remains to be seen if I will actually use this advice… but any wise person knows, once a person learns information and sees that it can be use to his benefit… it’s hard not to use it.  Although, I strongly believe, I will never turn into a guy simply trying to collect impressive one-night stand stats.

The danger for me is that I will slide further down the scale of “objectfication” of women… which will be sad.

There is a reason God didn’t want Adam and Eve to learn and more fully understand “sin”… He knew that with such knowledge, it would be much harder not to indulge…