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(They Are A Last Resort)

A Women’s Needs – Before The Modern Era

I think there was a time when women valued a man, who was simply a good man…

Someone, who is dependable (does what he says he will do), responsible (can understand what needs to be done and do it), a good provider (makes a high enough salary to provide for the women and their future family)…

But I think it’s already been two or three generation when such a man is no longer desirable…

Because they (we) are no longer needed.

Women used to be more practical when they chose men, because they really had no choice.

If a woman chose an irresponsible man, it would mean that she would be lacking essential things for the rest of her life…

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A Women’s “Needs” – The Modern Era

The Modern Woman is in a different position.  She can earn a good salary; she can buy property, she can even support children. (She has birth-control so she can avoid any unwanted consequences of her “fun”.)

Therefore she no longer needs to be practical in the men she seeks relationships with. She is free to pursue her dream man…

A man who embodies everything see has always dreamed of.  And if he is not, it doesn’t matter. He may break her heart… but a broken heart is only a feeling.

And feelings soon change.  Soon she can choose to chase another !Exciting! man, or simply choose to abstain and remain alone.

It you can’t “have it all”, choose ‘nothing’ over ‘average’ (dependable)…

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Nothing fundamental has changed… not really.

Throughout history, in general have not depended on women for our survival.

We have been taught that we ultimately must be responsible for ourselves (and our families).

BUT as a man, I’ve never have looked for a woman to be the embodiment of my fantasies.  Fantasies are nice, but traditionally, we are not encouraged aspire to be our “dream-self” and to obtain all that in our head.

We are encouraged to be practical.

I think most men clearly understand that even the dreamiest of all dream women will have some things that will irritate us.

But then again we have had millennia to understand this (fact)…

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In this blog, I Paint With Broad Strokes…

Of course, there are women, who are still very practical in love, who are self-sufficient financially.

There also are marriage minded men, who still believe that there is some perfect supermodel, super friendly girl, who will say nothing if he sits on the couch and grows fat.

BUT I write this being myself, seeing my own situation. I honestly think that I am a good person. I honestly want to help others (through charity and in my work) and enjoy doing things that make others feel good.

But Casanova, I am not. I am horrible at dating. I’m not… something… whatever something that girls are looking for.

I believe that if girls, were truly looking for simply a good man, they would give me a second look. But I’m definitely not the guy you will fall “head over heels” for on the first or second date.

This Entry… my thoughts is my attempt to understand…

The Modern World – Is My World (Like It Or Not)

And if Dreamy Men Are The “Norm” Then I Have To Except My Place – LAST.

So this is my way of coping…