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“C.J. … You are such a cynic!!!”

Over and over again, I’ve been accused at a sort of Comic KillJoy!
The nicest of my critics say, “I just don’t understand.”

The meanest accused me of being bullied by “cold-calculating intellect…”

I was in the midst of starting a post I wanted to call…

“Prelude to Heaven???”

But then I thought, ” What is the point?”

❤ ❤ The CULT of True Love ❤ ❤

One of my favorite songs is REM’s “Shiny Happy People.”
It’s a silly song; it’s also a happy song… It can bring a smile to my face on what would otherwise be a bleach, sad day…

AND NOW… Back To The Subject…

The CULT of “True Love”…
Really, I see them as a subset of the CULT of EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE

“Only When I FEEL Am I Truly Alive” is their mantra, their most sacred of beliefs…

Anything Else Is Just “Taking Up Space”.

But is it not possible that life is about more than FEELING?

I Will Now Write Something Which Seems Like…


What If The IDEAL State Of Being Actually Requires People To THINK?

What if a Marriage of the Two Is Required For Happiness?

NOW Here I Stand…


But finally after so many years, I’ve learned that emotions and the mind don’t have to be opposite ends of the spectrum…

The Road To Happiness Is…

Inner Peace


And Not The Subjugation of One By The Other




Signs Off With These Words…

“When you sprint ahead you can cover a lot of distance in a short time…

but those who run slowly and steadily ultimately get much further.”

A Love that grows slowly is much stronger than one that springs ups quickly… because it’s foundation was carefully laid and allowed to set and harden, before the beautiful superstructure was built.

Too many people want to build and glorious relationship on a hastily built shoddy foundation.