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(The Legend of Sally Jean)

Sally Jean was a normal girl, with one extraordinary trait; she was very optimistic. Sally was a cute friendly girl. She wasn’t a beauty queen, but her light manner put anyone in the room at ease.
If she saw a dark spot on a new dress, she would think “It a shame, but at least I still have other dresses to wear if the stain doesn’t come out.”
If someone made fun of her, she think to herself maybe that person’s situation is worse or that person was joking…

One time she fell and broke her arm. When her mother saw her, her mother became hysterical, her face became pale.
Sally, despite the her own pain and tears, joked about how casts were the height of fashion this season and now she has a reason to get one.

One day after Sally graduated from college and was working as an administrative assistant, she met a man named Dave. Dave was a usually guy. He was a junior manager at the company, a decent guy… not like Alex, who was tall and charming and every girl in the office’s dream…
Alex was sure to be CEO of some company some day…

Anyways… let’s look away from Alex fantasies… (Is it getting hot in here!) and… um… get back to the story.

Sometime Sally’s fantasies about Alex, would be interrupted by Dave. He was nice. He had a quirky sense of humor and though he wore nice clothes, he lacked a fashion sense.
He was the type of guy, who would make some girl a good husband but not anyone’s dream… at least not Sally’s

Dave worked in a different department from Sally, but they often needed to talk to exchange department information. Sally liked talking to Dave his goofy smile actually started to make he day seem a bit lighter.

One day, as Dave was leaving to go back to his department, he stopped for a second and asked Sally if she would like to see a movie the next Friday evening.

Sally thought, “why not?” She was sure that it would be a nice evening, it wasn’t an evening with Alex, but she knew that Dave would be fun, even just to see his goofy smile and hear his quirky jokes…

Well… a funny thing happened on Friday night; Sally had more fun than she anticipated. She found out some interesting facts about Dave. He loved playing the guitar, and was in a band during the university.
The next week, Dave asked Sally to go to a restaurant.
About a month later, Dave and being with her occupied every free moment of her time.

Six months later, Dave popped the question, and about year after that first date, she was walking down the aisle, a grin from ear to ear, she had entered a dream world!

Sally was quite happy as a “blushing bride,” but something extraordinary happened. Her marital bliss didn’t fade after 2, 3, or even 5 years…

People noticed and started asking the question, “What kind of man was Dave?!?!” (And how can I find one like him!?)? πŸ˜€Β Β )

So they started interrogating Sally.
– Why are you so happy?
– He’s everything I need a man to be… he’s responsible, he listens my opinions and problems, he gives liberally complements and gifts, he loves and spends time with our children, he wants the very best for us…

And all the girls, pined after this dreamboat of a man. One girl head was filled with a man, who came home from work, reached over gave her a passionate kiss made her feel like she was flying, then he lifted her up and carried her to the bed and started massaging her tired feet.

Another of a man, who was engrossed in watching a football game, but when he her his beloved enter the room, turned away from the television looked lovingly and with full interests in her eyes and asked her, “How was your day?” Then he listened intently for an hour or two.

Yet another of a man, how snuck into the kitchen while she was busy cooking, put his hands over her eyes, and kissing her softly on the back of her neck saying playfully, “Guess whooo?” And ask she turned around, she saw that he was holding a bouquet of roses in one hand and tickets to the opera in the other. ..

Simultaneously, they sighed, “aww.” Each not but a little jealous that somehow “plain” Sally had found the “perfect” man!

Although, these idealized images were actually quite far from the truth. Dave was an ordinary man. He, of course, loved his wife, Sally, and their children to death.
But when he came Sally (and the kids) had learned that “Daddy needs his half -an- hour of ‘daddy time.'”
Dave loved football and every weekend during the season, he either spent hours watching football on TV or he met with the guys and spent hours watching football with them.

He was careful to remember Sally’s birthday, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, and Christmas, but like most men, besides the bedroom, his most intimate daily action was a quick peck on the cheek, and a quick discussion about the day, before he went to help the kids with their homework or read them a bedtime story.

And like other men, he was worried if his career was still satisfying him, and allowing him to maintain the lifestyle the family had grown accustomed to.

But Sally loved him. Let’s not forget who Sally is; the girl who cracked jokes to calm her mother after she broke her arm. The girl who can always find a “silver lining” in any situation…

Sally was human, though… so sometimes she got angry at Dave and hurt because is sometimes seemed that he simply could not understand her. But soon after she would pause and realize, that Dave had a huge heart. He would remember the lovely birthday presents, the evenings when he would hold her and tell him how much he loved her… (it was rare… admittedly but he did it.)

She saw how hard he worked at being a good father to the children and how he who sometimes tell his quirky jokes that still made her laugh.

She knew that whenever she just felt like the world might be to much, he would try to calm her and hold her in his arms.

And as much as he loved spending time with the boys… she knew that he considered her his best friend and that she made him better (and that he realized it too πŸ˜‰Β Β )

Back to the interrogators, those inquisitive girls now filled with visions of romancing novel pages incarnate, personified in Dave, a Davonova!

“History became legend. Legend became myth…” and some time later the


was born!

It read just like a book… it was better than fiction!

And all the girls wanted a Davonova for themselves…

The End πŸ˜›