• DUE TO Incompatibility…


  • THE RESULT Of Unresolved Little Misunderstandings

When David Met Vanessa it was his love meter topped out. He was swept away with emotion. Every morning, he woke up and the first image that came to his head was this angel incarnate.

When Vanessa saw David, it was as if one of those handsome Hollywood Hunks materialized right before her eyes. Her heart fluttered with fantasies of this dashing young man who would almost telepathically understand and provide exactly what she needed.

So after David found the courage to ask Vanessa out and a new exciting romance blossomed!

David and Vanessa lived in a big city and soon after Vanessa started to frequently travel to David’s home.

At first David came every time to the subway station to meet Vanessa and together they would return home.

Vanessa thought that David was such a gallant gentleman. Vanessa had lost her father when she was very young and every time David walked her from the subway, it reminded her of the same feelings that she had when her father had walked with her in the park before he died.
Vanessa felt so special, so loved and her perfect man, David somehow just intuitively understood this. He was so amazing.

Until one day, David said he would just wait at home for Vanessa…

David cared so dearly for Vanessa. She had become his world. But David had a few years back been with a girl, who was very demanding.
He had loved this girl dearly and tried so hard to please her… but the more he did, the more she asked of him.

After this experience David swore to himself, he would never just do everything a girl demanded of him, no matter how much he cared about her…

When Vanessa came to David’s home that evening, she seemed upset. When he leaned in to kiss her she stiffened. He could see that she was a little upset, but he decided to ignore it. He thought that maybe she had had a bad day at work. Anyways, he was so excited about the date they were about to have. He had been planning it the last few days!

When they sat down and started eating the dinner David prepared, Vanessa seemed to relax. She had that sparkle again in her eye.

After dinner David and Vanessa went to the couch and David put a film in the DVD player. David was feeling very good now. He was at home; sitting next to his beautiful girlfriend, only anticipating what else the night might bring.

David reached over and put his arm around Vanessa. For some reason Vanessa moved away.
David, unsure as to what had happened to cause this “sudden” change in behavior ask Vanessa, “Honey, what’s wrong?
Vanessa then complained about the film.

I don’t like this kind of film and you know it,” she replied.

Vanessa, suddenly had this strange feeling. She remember that as she was walking to David’s home, by herself. That feeling that David had somehow abandoned her. She had was a little upset when David told her that he wouldn’t meet her today at the subway, but even worse he didn’t change his mind when she told him, “I really want to see you!

David simply said, “Me too. I can’t wait until you get here.” What did David think she was, simply a girl to satisfy his male needs?!?!

Doesn’t realize how good walk with him from the subway makes her feel!!!

David looked at his girlfriend, “ok, I understand that you like the film. Is there one that you would prefer?” David could understand why there was this “big” problem over the film, but he thought, “well if a different film can save the evening, ok.

But part of him resented that Vanessa wanted to “pick a fight” over a film.

Then Vanessa let him have it. All her feelings of frustration had been building for hours!
You just don’t care about what I think!
And she stood up and walked out of the room.

David was now quite offended. He had thought that he finally had a girl, who understood and cared about him.
Now, she seemed to be turning into his ex-girlfriend. She was using manipulation to try to control him.

Vanessa soon went home. She was so sad. “What happened?“, she thought, “David was almost perfect and now he is arguing about EVERYTHING! Even over a stupid film!

The next few days the conversation between the two was very strained.

Slowly the two started to miss each other. They both had had trouble sleeping.

Finally, David called Vanessa, “Hey Babe, I miss you. I want to see you!
David had totally forgotten about why they had argued, the DVD, he just wanted to see his girl again!

David decided to surprise his girlfriend. He called her best friend and asked the best friend what Vanessa’s favorite film was.

Vanessa, was so tired of fighting. She had forgotten the negative feelings that she had felt. All that she could feel at the moment was a longing for David!

So when David asked Vanessa to come over, she felt the rush of excitement like at the beginning of the relationship!

Until David said to walk (alone) to his home. Her excitement started to slowly erode away…

By the time Vanessa reached the home, she questioned whether or not David even cared for her.

David was so happy to see Vanessa that as soon as he saw her, he reached over, pulled her close and started passionately kissing her!

Vanessa was instantly “turned on” and soon they both started moving towards the bedroom.

David was so excited that it absolutely destroyed him, when Vanessa shoved him away and said, “WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM. YOUR WHORE!?!?!

David quickly drew back. First he had a confused wounded puppy look on his face. All he could manage to stutter out was, “Wwwhattt?

David then looked at her and said, “you can stay here tonight, but I want you to leave tomorrow morning.

David was beyond confused. He had never felt so hurt, so betrayed in his life. He couldn’t understand how this “dream” girl had turned into wolf with sharp teeth. And for some reason she was trying to shred his very heart!

Vanessa was angry and then sad and then both simultaneously. She could understand what happened. At one time it seemed that David almost read her mind. Now, it seemed that he was just another insensitive jerk!

Soon after the two broke up.

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—> Why Did They Break Up?

  • Were they simply not right for each other?
  • Another reason?

—> And Do You Think Similar Situations Happen In The Real World?